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At Equip Rehabilitation, we believe there is a better way to do rehabilitation. A more valuable, tailored way to meet your needs and to provide an environment within the home to optimise the results for the effort you put in. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to create a new standard for in home rehabilitation and better enable our clients to be as successful as possible. What matters most to us is that clients can return to life’s most meaningful activities, we understand this can be very different person to person. We don’t focus on your impairments we focus on you being unique and your potential to be productive and make improvements that matter.

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Our Clients

We want our clients to have a sense that we are behind them all the way and will go the extra mile to help them achieve a better result and quality of life. We want to champion our clients as a priority and allow their story to inspire others. We are a rehabilitation specific and we service those that are best suited to us only.
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Are we right for you?

Equip Rehabilitation provides a specific physiotherapy service to meet the needs of adults that require rehabilitation, typically following a neurological diagnosis, accident or for mobility/balance concerns. We also provide pulmonary rehabilitation for those with respiratory disease. We are not the best service for those with sport related injury, acute musculoskeletal pain or paediatric presentations. If you unsure if the service is right for you please contact us to discuss your needs, if our service is not the best fit for you, we will happily provide a recommendation for a more appropriate option. Equip Rehabilitation services people with goals. At Equip the bigger the goal the better we want to share in your excitement, passion and most of all your success.