Brain Injury

Understanding brain injuries

Brain injuries can be termed acquired or traumatic. Acquired means that the injury happened after birth and can be a result of, for example, a stroke, lack of oxygen, brain tumour or degenerative brain disease. Traumatic means that the injury is the result of a blow to the head or a fall that damages the brain tissue. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can range from mild to severe.

Due to the diverse causes of head injuries, every individual with a brain injury presents differently. They will experience a range of symptoms, depending on the location and severity of the neurological damage.

Some of the consequences of a brain injury include the following:

  • Reduced movement and mobility.
  • Impaired muscle strength and loss of balance.
  • Marked loss in coordination.
  • Abnormal movements.
  • Cognition and sensory loss.
  • Impaired communication.
  • Behavioural changes.

Rehabilitation following a brain injury

Treatment depends on the severity of the injury, the problems you are experiencing and your goals for the future. If your objective is to become more independent, then you may require an intensive program of rehabilitation over a period of time. At Equip Rehabilitation, we can work with other health care professionals to help improve your mobility, increase your balance and coordination, and manage your daily activities.

We can tailor a treatment program that is customised to your exact needs and aimed at maximising your physical potential, whether that’s to sit, dress or shower unaided, even walk to the post box or drive a car. Specific task training is often very successful in the case of brain injuries, because survivors are goal orientated and they understand that the exercises are designed to help them become more independent.

Physiotherapy is an integral component of your recovery and rehabilitation from a brain injury. It helps your brain to adapt to the neurological damage and relearn how to perform specific tasks. For more information on how Equip Rehabilitation can help you or a relative recover from a brain injury, call us on 0400 758 119, send us an email or BOOK ONLINE.