Functional Neurological Disorders

Understanding FND

FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) is a condition of the nervous system. Since it affects the transmission and interpretation of signals sent along the nervous system, symptoms can include numbness, shaking, difficulty walking, fainting and weakness in the limbs. The actual cause of FND is unknown, but there is no structural disease found, such as would occur with a stroke or brain injury.

Common symptoms include:

  • Issues with motor functions (paralysis, weakness, spasms, jerking).
  • Problems speaking, such as stuttering or slowed speech.
  • Sensory problems, for example tingling, numbness or pain.
  • Visual disturbances, such as double vision or loss of vision.
  • Seizures, fainting and blackouts.

Whilst the cause of FND is unknown, individuals suffering from other neurological diseases, such as MS or Parkinson’s Disease can be susceptible to FND. It is also thought that some individuals might experience a trigger that results in FND. These triggers may include migraines, panic attacks, injuries or infections, fatigue, chronic pain or stress.

Rehabilitation for sufferers of FND

The diagnosis of FND has always been challenging, because symptoms are common across many neurological disorders. This means that we will need to liaise with your general practitioner to obtain a correct diagnosis. Treatment needs to address each individual symptom, which usually indicates a multidisciplinary approach.

This means that your physiotherapy treatment program will be customised to suit your exact needs. It may include exercises and repetitive movements to retrain neural pathways so that they send clear signals and replace abnormal patterns of movement. Some individuals’ symptoms respond best to an intensive training program, whilst others to a slower approach. It all depends on the type of symptoms presented by each individual.

Working with a physiotherapist who specialises in neurological conditions can be a key component of your rehabilitation and recovery. At Equip Rehabilitation, we ensure that your treatment program is focused on relieving your symptoms and improving your quality of life.

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