We can assist weather you have just left hospital or have been living with your condition for many years.

Understanding strokes

A stroke can cause a range of long term problems with the most noticeable being difficulty speaking, loss of balance and impaired movement on one side of the body. It’s due to either a bleed inside the brain or to a blockage that prevents blood flowing to a specific part of the brain.

The affected part of the brain subsequently becomes damaged, resulting in a number of symptoms, depending on the area of the brain affected. We have mentioned some of the obvious symptoms above, but a more comprehensive list is given below.

  • Impaired movement of arm and leg on one side of the body.
  • Difficulty with balance and cognitive loss.
  • Problems with speaking and swallowing.
  • Muscle weakness, spasms and spasticity.
  • Perceptual and sensory problems.
  • Difficulty reading and writing.
  • Pain and tiredness.
  • Incontinence.
  • Depression.

A stroke is a medical emergency, so if you feel any of the above symptoms or you are with someone who presents with any of these signs, it’s important to call an ambulance.

Rehabilitation for stroke sufferers

Whilst the damage to the brain cells is permeant, your brain will adapt to a certain degree. This is where physiotherapy can be of great assistance, because we help retrain the undamaged parts of your brain to take over the functions that are initially lost due to a stroke.

This retraining involves repetitive exercises at high intensity. It’s this repetition that helps your brain to adapt to the changes resulting from a stroke. We also help to prevent muscle shortening, encourage correct movement of the affect limbs, increase muscle strength, reduce pain and muscle spasms, and improve the quality of your life and your feeling of independence. Our programs focus on balance, strength and fitness, but can be tailored to your specific needs.

At Equip Rehabilitation, we work with other health care professionals to manage your recovery and rehabilitation at home. For more information on how Equip Rehabilitation can help you or a relative recover from a stroke, call us on 0400 758 119, send us an email or BOOK ONLINE.